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Make Bread in Record Time

Bread Rises Once - in Only 45-60 Minutes

Use Any Bread Recipe You Have

Proofing and Baking on Your Stove Top
It is so nice to not have to let the bread rise 3 times and it only takes about 30 minutes - John C.
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How Home Bread Baking Can Go Right Instead Of Wrong

Have you often asked yourself why won’t my bread turn out like the corner bakery?

3 things: yeast, sugar and steam—and the greatest of these is steam.

Commercial bakers know the importance of steam as they use commercial proofers to proof their bread dough into beautiful loaves of artisan bread. Now, a newly-invented home version of a bread proofer is available to the home chef/baker. And, a bread proofer produces that key ingredient of steam. Steam reduces prep time from as long as 24-36 hours to less than 1 hour AND turns out beautiful loaves of bread.

The Bread Wizard Goes Sci-Fi!

Steam Me Up Scotty

Remember when it used to be: “Beam Me Up Scotty”?

Well, in today’s kitchen, home bread bakers have found the SECRET to producing perfect loaves of bread–just like grandma used to bake–thanks to Scotty. Yes, in today’s kitchen, it’s now “STEAM Me Up Scotty” as the bread proofer has provided the SECRET to those yummy loaves of bread right out of the oven, with cotton-candy like texture on the inside of that soft crust—and in 45 minutes or less!!

The STEAM Machine simply turns rags into riches when it comes to producing that perfect loaf of bread. Try It ….You’ll Like It….

The Most Important Ingredient In Home Bread Baking

One Ingredient Rises Above The Rest

One Ingredient Bakers Say Is A MUST

What is the one ingredient that bakers say is an absolute must when baking bread?

Steam, that’s right, steam. When you proof bread dough before baking it in the oven, you’re simply preparing it to be baked.

Bread proofers create large quantities of steam, which causes the dough to rise in less than 1 hour, which is quite an improvement over the old fashioned way, which required over 24 hours just to allow the dough to rise before it could be baked in the oven.

Home Bread Baker’s Secret Revealed

The Bread Wizard Bread Proofer

Home Bread Baking

Finally, the age old question of: “How Can I Bake A Perfect Loaf Of Bread at Home Every Time?”
has been answered.

Ever heard of a Bread Proofer?

The proof’s in the 3 KEY ingredients to baking perfect loaves of bread time after time: Yeast, Sugar and Steam. A bread proofer produces the steam that will turn unreliable home bread baking into artisan quality loaves of bread time after time after time.
Just remember Steam Produces The Dream…..Try It You’ll Like It…..

Bake A Loaf Of Bread With A Bread Proofer

How Can I Bake A Loaf Of Bread Like Grandma Used To Bake?

The secret is in the steam!

That’s right, The Steam Creates The Dream!! What’s missing from that “mini” loaf of home baked bread that took 24 hours to prepare and still had huge holes in it is simply STEAM.

A bread proofer will turn an ordinary loaf of home-baked bread into a beautiful artisan-type loaf that the corner bakery would be proud of producing. Always include those 3 secret ingredients in your bread baking: yeast, sugar and steam!

Happy Baking…..

Improve My Bread Baking With A Bread Proofer

Will a Bread Proofer Improve My Bread Baking?

What Is A Bread Proofer?

A What?? A Bread Proofer–what’s that? You’ve heard of the steam engine—well, how about a steam chamber? A bread proofer is simply a compact chamber that produces enough steam that will reduce the time needed for preparing bread from scratch–like grandma used to make–from 24-36 hours to 45 minutes! ALL ABOARD……

How To Bake Bread At Home

What Do I Need To Bake Bread At Home?

You’ll need 3 key items for tasty bread baking at home

Proper yeast, proper sugar and proper proofing, or steaming.

You will cut the time necessary to bake bread from scratch down from 24-36 hours, like grandma used to take, to less than 1 hour.

How is this possible?

A simple machine called a bread proofer is basically a mini steam chamber which produces mega-steam that will cause the dough to rise in about 45 minutes. It’s A Miracle!!

A Bread Proofer Is Better Than The Bread Machine

Retire Your Bread Machine

Buy The Bread Wizard’s Bread Proofer

Are you one of many who ran out and purchased a bread machine, hoping to whip out loaf after loaf of good bread–only to be disheartened @ the quality and taste? But you didn’t want to bake bread the way grandma did–from scratch?

Well, have you ever heard about a bread proofer? What’s that, you ask?

A bread proofer is a steam producer that will allow you to turn out artisan-quality bread right from your own oven–using grandma’s recipe and even her starter bread dough. Nothing like a warm loaf of bread that has risen to the perfect height, tastes like cotton candy and even looks like it once it’s sliced because it’s so smooth and lacking holes on the inside. And ooooohhhh what aroma—-pass the butter, please!

The Perfect Gift From a Bread Proofer and $1

Can You Produce A Perfect Gift For Under a $1?

What can I give my friends and neighbors that won’t cost very much money?

How about The Perfect Gift?

Are you aware that you can produce a lasting impression by delivering an aritisan loaf of bread that will have them talking for a long time—and they’ll never forget? All this can be done with about $1 worth of yeast, sugar and…oh yes…steam–can’t forget to proof your wonderful bread recipe, you know.

What’s the Difference Between a Bread Proofer and a Bread Machine?

Has the Bread Machine Gone Out of Style?

Basically, these are two different instruments.

The proofer produces steam that will proof–or cause the bread dough to rise–and give you a couple of added benefits: beautiful artisan bread quality as well as making your home smell great.

While most bread machines will provide two things: an adobe brick and a new item to sell in a garage sale.