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Make Bread in Record Time

Bread Rises Once - in Only 45-60 Minutes

Use Any Bread Recipe You Have

Proofing and Baking on Your Stove Top
My son is Gluten sensitive and getting Gluten Free bread to rise properly is very difficult. The Bread Wizard made our bread rise almost twice the height of our average loaf. Wow! - Maria S.
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The Bread Wizard Demo

Bread Proofing Made Easy!

The Bread Wizard bread proofer and bread proofing (proving) box has been developed by people who love to make, bake, smell and eat artisan and homemade bread.  Its design is the result of a combination of ancient and modern ingenuity.

Whatever your recipe, just mix, knead and form the dough, using your method by hand or mixer.  Leave the guess work out of proofing and let The Bread Wizard magic begin.The  proofer-baker (P-B) model of The Bread Wizard even  allows the home baker to proof and bake one loaf of bread in about 1.5  hrs. without using the oven.

Skill is required to make a good loaf of bread, and few things are as appealing to our senses as artisan bread.  The Proofer-Baker invention affords the ability and expediency to accomplish this feat at home.


Do you like making bread?  Do you hate how long it takes?  Then you need the Bread Wizard, the home  dough proofer that makes your bread rise like magic.  Some bakers take up to 8 hours to get their dough to bake able perfection, but with the Bread Wizard, you can have an oven ready loaf in less than 48 minutes.

That means that in less than the time it takes you to watch your favorite movie, you can have a batch of homemade bread dough that’s ready to bake to golden goodness.

And, the Bread Wizard costs less than a conventional proofer, saving you time as well as money.  So, what are you waiting for?  The Bread Wizard does more, costs less, and is easier to use.


The bread wizard makes your bread rise like magic in 48 minutes or less.

The unit is placed over the top surface of a gas or electric range heating element with a pan approximately 2 inches deep and filled with water about three-quarters full.  The heating element is turned on high so the water will come to a boil, thus dispensing the steam up through the holes from the bottom shelf and existing through top holes of unit.  It usually takes about 12 minutes for boiling action to begin its process of dispensing the steam.

The bread proofing action should take about 25 to 30 minutes  or less to double or triple in size according to type of bread.  Decision is up to user to determine desirable height of bread dough.  Bread pans are removed and heat source turned off.  Bread dough is immediately ready for baking.

Also, an electrical hot plate (stand-alone heating element) can be used as an optional source of heat and will work equally as well for The Bread Wizard  dough proofer.