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Make Bread in Record Time

Bread Rises Once - in Only 45-60 Minutes

Use Any Bread Recipe You Have

Proofing and Baking on Your Stove Top
My son is Gluten sensitive and getting Gluten Free bread to rise properly is very difficult. The Bread Wizard made our bread rise almost twice the height of our average loaf. Wow! - Maria S.
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The Bread Wizard

There are no more Bread Wizards for sale. Thank You.

Make Bread in Record Time!

The Bread Wizard 1 Loaf

The Bread Wizard 1 Loaf

Bread making and bread baking can be be a daunting  and frustrating task:

  • One needs and wants the proper temperature and humidity for the dough to rise
  • There’s always at least a second rising needed
  • Proofing or proving the bread dough is always time consuming

Not any more!  Introducing The Bread Wizard …

  • A compact bread proofing (proving) box that is affordable, easy to use and really works
  • Loaf bread dough is ready to bake in less than 48 minutes
  • Designed to proof your artisan and homemade bread loaf or loaves with just one rising
  • One loaf model  allows you to  proof  dough and bake your loaf bread in the same unit

Professional bakers often use an expensive proofing box which allows them to set the temperature and humidity. Now, even the novice home baker can simply put the dough in The Bread Wizard  and let the magic begin.

We have taken the process of bread proofing dough from 12 to 48 hours to 48 MINUTES or LESS.  It is true, the most basic bread recipe can be proofed and oven-ready in about 20 minutes!

The advantage of using The Bread Wizard bread proofing box is that you monitor the rising dough more easily without having to open the oven or waste thousands of dollars and counter space.

With The Bread Wizard, the results are  quite remarkable  to say the very least. It is specifically engineered for bread proofing.  Whatever your recipe, just mix, knead and form the dough, using your method by hand or mixer.  Then let the Bread Wizard work its spell.

If you love the smell  and taste of fresh  artisan and home baked bread  but hate the time consuming process of proofing your dough, then The Bread Wizard bread proofer is the one for you.

The proof is in the bread, and the aroma is in the air!

“Often we are asked how The Bread Wizard compares to other bread proofers. I tell them that The PROOF Is In The Bread!” ….. Jack Bean ~ Founder